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Protect Your Home From Pests And Save Money At The Same Time


Insulating your home's attic and walls and protecting your home from pests can be easy, and efficient and save you money. Do you want to know more? If you are the type of person who likes efficiency and would love to accomplish two or more tasks at one time, then check out TAP insulation from Big Blue Bug Solutions. Tap insulation can lower your energy costs and provide pest control in your South Portland home. This insulation is amazing!

TAP Insulation from Big Blue Bug Solutions doesn’t stop at pest control, there are other benefits that you will want to know about and have installed in your new or existing home. Fiberglass insulation breaks down over time, so now might be a good time to add TAP. It’s a blown insulation that is made of natural fibers and borates. It can be installed in new homes or added to an existing home for more protection from the weather. It will reduce your home’s carbon footprint, is considered “green” and it will save you money in energy costs. This insulation will control the most common pests in your attic and wall voids. It creates a barrier to help reduce the noise from the outdoors and the sounds from room to room within the home. TAP is also EPA-approved to resist fungi, controlling any mold production. If that’s not enough, TAP Insulation is fire resistant too, it will help keep fires from spreading too rapidly in wall voids and attics, allowing more time for occupants to vacate the premises and more time for fire trucks to arrive and put out the fire.

Big Blue Bug Solutions is a professional pest control service, that is why this insulation is complete with pest control to resist a wide range of pest infestations that plague homes in New England. This is a great start in protecting your home from many common pests, diseases that they carry, and any damages that they may cause to your home. TAP is a quality insulation that creates a higher level of comfort, is more energy efficient, saves you money, reduces noise, resists mold, and is fire resistant. If you want more information contact us today at Big Blue Bug Solutions, for insulation with the added benefits of pest control. “There is no better investment you can make for your home and family”.