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The Role High-Quality Insulation Plays In Effective Pest Control In Framingham

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Located just 20 miles west of the heart of Boston lies the city of Framingham. Owning property in this diverse community gives residents unlimited urban, suburban, and rural locations to buy or rent homes or businesses. Like most cities, no matter where you put down roots, a few local pests occasionally wander into buildings. Unless property owners use pest control insulation services, their establishments may experience more than their fair share of pest infestations and high energy bills.

The Many Pests Pest Control Insulation Can Prevent

With all the problems associated with building maintenance, one issue property owners don't want to include in their "to-do" list is a full-blown pest infestation. While everyday prevention tips can help deter pests, one excellent preventive measure often overlooked is natural fiber borate insulation. This insulation has a colorless and odorless product called borate mixed into it, which is a common ingredient used in pest prevention. When applied to attics, lofts, and wall voids, pest control insulation can act as a pest repellent, protecting your structure against some of Framingham's most frequent indoor pests.

Some pests that natural fiber borate insulation guard against include:

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish

While insulation may not prevent all invading pests from entering your structure, it is an excellent tool for eliminating many. The benefits of utilizing Big Blue Bug Solutions' natural fiber borate insulation extend beyond just reducing the issues that occur naturally in regular building maintenance; it can also help the environment.

Pest Control Insulation Is Good For The Environment

While insulation is helpful in home pest control, it can also benefit the environment. Natural fiber borate insulation is 80% recycled paper. Using this product to insulate your home reduces your carbon footprint and recycles materials that typically end up in landfills. This material can also reduce energy consumption by reducing air movement in and out of your building.

Air conditioning that gets pumped into facilities during the summer and heat in the winter are less likely to escape insulated buildings, allowing air conditioning and heating units to work more efficiently and reducing pollution. Natural fiber insulation also aids in providing healthier air quality in homes; the barrier also helps reduce allergens and pollen from entering buildings. Another benefit of natural fiber insulation is its ability to reduce noise. A peaceful environment helps relieve stress and sets an excellent environment for homes and businesses.

While property owners have many options for insulating their property, it's wise to consider a company like Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our natural fiber borate insulation protects from pests and delivers environmentally friendly results.

Pest Control Insulation Saves You Money

With property owners constantly facing rising costs, having a pest-free, energy-efficient home or business is worth its weight in gold. Insulation that effectively reduces pest infestations ultimately saves property owners from expenses associated with professional pest removal. Property owners will also save money on everyday costs associated with cooling and heating buildings. The savings property owners earn by installing insulation will produce long-lasting savings since natural fiber insulation lasts up to 50 years. It takes decades before property owners worry about maintaining or replacing natural fiber insulation.

Is adding insulation to a property going to cost money? Absolutely, but the benefits you gain from pest prevention and energy savings will pay long-term dividends. When you partner with an insulation installer near you, like Big Blue Bug Solutions, our technicians can provide quality insulation products that protect your property and save you money.

Contact Our Experienced Pest Control Insulation Installers Today

Property protection is important whether you own a home or a business. Property owners who use Big Blue Bug Solutions' pest control insulation systems benefit from over 80 years of knowledge and experience. We have a longstanding reputation for effective and responsible pest control solutions and offer a wide range of pest control services, including pest control insulation installation services. Big Blue Bug Solutions is also fully licensed and insured. Start protecting your facility from bugs and lost revenue by calling us today for a free inspection.