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Are You A Termite Prepper?

termites crawling on wood

Everyone knows someone who is a prepper. They're the ones who store months worth of canned food in their basement just in case the world ends. Some have seeds so they can produce food indefinitely. Some have weapons to protect that food. Some even have a bug-out plan so that, when disaster strikes, they can leave their "known" location and take refuge in an undisclosed location. Generally, these people are thought of as, just a little bit, crazy. But, if the world ever does blow up, who are we going to turn to? If your prepper friends haven't bugged out yet, you'll probably turn to them. Why? Because there isn't a whole lot you can do after things blow up. Termite control is a lot like this.

It is devastating to find out your home is being eaten by termites. It is a lot like the world has come to an end. A home investment is often the largest purchase a person will make in their entire life. That is why termite protection should be proactive, instead of reactive. We're not saying that you have to be a termite prepper. But, do you have a bug-out plan?

Do you have a plan to keep these bugs out?

Termites can come up from the ground and feed on your home at any time. It isn't crazy to think that it could happen. Unlike the end of the world, which hasn't happened yet, termites destroy homes every year. Termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion annually, as these wood-destroying insects can feed on a structure for years without detection--even a structure as secure as the White House. Your home may not be a treasured landmark, but it is certainly a treasure to you.

So you see, having a proactive termite plan isn't crazy. It is actually quite pragmatic. When you have proactive termite control, you never have to get the devastating news that termites have eaten your home. You never have to stand in the
ruins and wonder what you're going to do. The termite apocalypse will be what other people go through. Not you. Who's the crazy one now?

Do you have a bug-out plan? Do you have a plan to keep these bugs out? Let Big Blue Bug Solutions protect your home "before" termites strike. It isn't crazy. It just makes sense.

If you live in our Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut service area, you can schedule your first service call today. Our team of termite experts is looking forward to protecting your property from these wood-destroying pests.