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How Drain Cleaning Can Help Your Business in 2017

drain in commercial kitchen

The plumbing in your restaurant is critical to your business operations. Over time, organic waste and mineral deposits can accumulate inside your pipes, causing water flow to decrease. This moist area full of grease and fats and whatever else finds its way into your plumbing is the ideal breeding ground for insects and commercial pests and causes sanitation problems for your business. Professional drain cleaning solutions can help your business maintain the necessary sanitation requirements.

Reduce Odors

If you have ever walked around the food preparation area of your restaurant trying to figure out where that awful smell is coming from – there is a good chance you would benefit from drain cleaning in 2017. Organic waste and other materials accumulating in your drains can cause strong, offensive odors that make their way up out of the drains and into your restaurant. Cleaning your drains removes the odor-causing waste.

Reduce Risks for Backup and Drain Clogging

Our process of drain cleaning will reduce your risks for a plumbing backup. Backups are caused when the drains become so full of materials and waste products that water can no longer pass through the pipes from your restaurant. Eventually, uncleaned drains will cause the water to backup and flood your floors or worse. Once you experience a backup you can face expensive repairs or even the need to replace drains or equipment that is damaged from the backup.

Eliminate Pest Breeding Grounds

Insects, flies and other pests love to eat the organic materials found in restaurant drains. Once they find the unending source of food inside your drains, you’ll have a very difficult time getting rid of them. Cleaning your drains removes access to the waste materials and will not attract the pests to your restaurant.

Clean Drains Frequently for Best Results

Restaurant drains get a lot more use than the standard household drain. For that reason, it is important that you get the drains cleaned frequently for the best results. A common treatment schedule involves drain cleaning on a quarterly basis. Big Blue Bug Solutions will clean your drains with an environmentally-friendly method to keep your drains clear, free from odors, and protect your surrounding equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial drain cleaning services, how it can help your business in 2017, and eliminate pest breeding grounds in your restaurant.