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Silverfish Basics

silverfish up close

Despite the name, silverfish have nothing to do with fish. They’re pests that find their way into homes and become difficult to get rid of once they discover your home makes an ideal shelter and provides continuous sources of food. Silverfish can cause damage to your home and belongings so if you have them – you need to get rid of them.

Silverfish are tear-dropped shaped and between 12 to 19 mm in length. Many are silver, hence the name, but some are white, brown, or blue. They do not have wings. You’ll know you’re looking at a silverfish if you see a bug moving across the floor similar to the movements of a fish or shark.

Why Do Silverfish Get Into Homes?

Silverfish are rarely seen in the natural environment and prefer to live inside homes. They like dark, damp places. Because our homes provide an unlimited source of food for silverfish in the form of paper, cardboard boxes, wallpaper, books, and any other starchy sources – they really have no good reason to try and survive in the wild!

Are Silverfish Dangerous and Damaging?

In addition to paper and cardboard sources, silverfish will pretty much eat anything with sugar or starch. You may find them eating shampoo, cellulose from wood (like your walls), the glue that holds your books together, cereal and other sources of food in your kitchen they can access, and clothing. So while silverfish will not cause the extensive damages that other pests can cause, like termites, they are still a nuisance that can leave behind a mess.

Silverfish do not carry or spread diseases and they won’t bite you, your family, or your pets. But silverfish are nocturnal and breed rapidly, so an infestation can grow out of hand very quickly. Plus, silverfish can live for a year without eating, which makes them extremely hardy and able to live just about anywhere in your home.

How to Get Help With Your Silverfish Infestation

The hardiness and nocturnal habits of silverfish can make them difficult to get rid of once they have moved into your home. You need to eliminate both the existing insects and their eggs. Big Blue Bug is equipped to get silverfish out of your home – and keep them from coming back. Give us a call if you have seen silverfish in your bathtub, sinks, pantry, cupboard, shower drains or just slithering across the floor one night.