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How to Get Rid of Woodchucks

woodchuck burrowing under shed

Woodchucks are a type of rodent and are often called groundhogs. They are quite adorable, but they can be very destructive to your property, causing major damage to your lawn, your garden, and other plants around your home. They will feed on various plants and also burrow beneath them causing damage to their very delicate root systems.

You may recognize them as they are about the size of a big domestic cat and hard to miss. They are light brown and have a thick undercoat of gray. Woodchucks have short legs with super strong claws for digging and a short stubby tail. They can be fierce when they are scared or feel threatened and can scratch and bite. Usually, they are quiet and non-aggressive. The only real danger they pose is to property which can be costly if not stopped in time. Also, the damage isn’t limited to just plants. They can chew, dig, and scratch at fences and house foundations. Electrical fires are a major concern due to the amount of chewing that woodchucks can accomplish.

If you have a woodchuck infestation, you will probably find dirt mounds, nests, and a trail of damage from where they have eaten or burrowed. Letting them remain on your property is not wise, and getting rid of these large pesky rodents is not an easy task. Preventing them is only a part of the solution; you will also need trained wildlife experts to safely remove them and keep the woodchucks from returning.

Woodchucks are drawn to areas that give them access to food and water which most properties provide. They love places that they can burrow under, including homes, outbuildings, and porches. You can try a few DIY prevention tips, but that’s only half the problem. You must first get rid of the current woodchucks as well, and your options may include both trapping and the use of chemicals. Then you need to put up a sturdy wire fence around your property that goes under the ground at least 18” to keep them out.

The highly trained wildlife experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine are experts in pest control and will have the solution for your woodchuck or wildlife problems. Our wildlife specialists will find a solution to safely and humanely remove woodchucks while fitting your unique needs. So, go ahead, give us a call. We would be happy to do a free inspection for you, and we will provide safe and effective results in a timely manner.