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What Is The Reason For The Bed Bug Resurgence In Maine?

Have you noticed that you are hearing a lot more about bed bugs in recent years here in Maine? It’s true! Not so many years ago, the only time you heard about bed bugs was when you were being tucked into bed and your mother or grandmother warmly spoke, “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I guess they thought this was a nice way to say goodnight, but it always left you kind of creeped out wondering if bugs would be crawling through your bed as you slept. But, nowadays, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” has taken on a whole new meaning.

With the dramatic increase in world travel, bed bugs have found a way to thrive and have become a problem for most towns and cities across the country. Even here in Maine where the weather is less than hospitable for a good portion of the year, bed bugs are alive and active year-round. In fact, bed bugs really don’t concern themselves with the weather at all. This is because they travel from place to place on some unsuspecting persons’ shoe, pant leg, briefcase, or pocketbook, staying perfectly warm the entire time.

The trouble is that bed bug infestations can be more frustrating than almost any other type. This is not because bed bugs can damage your home or even because they can spread illnesses, because they can’t do either; but the frustration with bed bugs comes from the fact that they are so difficult to get rid of once you get them and because of the stigma that bed bugs only infest dirty and unkempt places, which is completely false.

In fact, part of the reason that bed bugs are so difficult to deal with is because there is so much misinformation going around about them. For example, have you heard that bed bugs infest beds? Sure you have! While this statement is true, it is really only partially true. Bed bugs do infest beds, but they also infest couches, chairs, picture frames, television sets, gaming systems, and many other items in a home. They also can be hiding behind wall voids, inside electrical outlets, and in many other tiny nooks and crannies in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and any other place they feel like.

And, don’t think that homes are the only places that bed bugs invade. They will infest libraries, hospitals, motels, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, malls, stores, movie theaters, laundry mats, and any other place that people frequent. The only prerequisite that bed bugs have is that there are people to feed on. That’s it! Your blood is all they are looking for; the rest simply doesn’t matter!

If you live here in Maine, the good news is that you have the reliable team of pest professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions to turn to when bed bugs bite. We offer affordable, effective, environmentally responsible solutions for bed bug infestations in homes and businesses here in Maine and throughout New England. To learn more about our discreet services for bed bugs or any of our other industry-leading pest control solutions, contact us today!