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What To Do If Chipmunks Invade Your Home


For some, the chipmunk is one of the cutest little forest creatures ever to wander the backyard. We laugh at their antics when they dart here and there or when they chase each other around the trees. Few of us are concerned when we see them eating leftover seeds spilled from bird feeders, and quite a few homeowners even will feed them on purpose.

As cute as they may be, the chipmunk can be a major problem on your property. These ground burrowing creatures will often choose to create their dens near foundations which can weaken them over time. Chipmunk burrows can leave several unsightly holes throughout the yard and gardens that you lovingly created, and they will frequently dine on any vegetables that might have been planted. Chipmunks that find their way inside really can create havoc thanks to their constant need to chew. Anything is fair game including plastic bins, stored boxes, insulation, wooden items, and even wiring. Chipmunks can also deliver a painful bite when they feel cornered, running the risk of transferring bacteria like salmonella to the wound.

You can protect your property from the damaging effects of chipmunks by making sure that simple home maintenance is taken care of. Make sure to seal any areas that could provide an entrance into your home such as around doors and windows and the area around any pipes going into your house. Make sure that any shingles that may be missing or damaged on the roof are replaced, and install chimney caps to prevent access. The typical home has many things around that might be attracting chipmunks along with other wildlife to the property that needs to be addressed. Bird feeders are a huge attractant and should be placed away from any buildings. Woodpiles for a cozy winter fire need to be stored at least 20 feet away from the entrance, and consider keeping any shrubbery away from the exterior of your house.

Still, as careful as we are, sometimes wildlife like chipmunks will still become a dangerous nuisance on the property. Trying to scare them out or capture them yourself can be tricky with these quick and skittish creatures. Though they are not aggressive, they will bite if they are cornered and can find no other way out. Instead of trying to deal with these pests yourself, it is essential that you give the wildlife experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions a call. Our staff has years of experience in dealing with problem wildlife in and around homes and businesses all over New England. We can be there to help remove the threat and to help point out problem areas that are present around your property.