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Carpenter Ants Are Coming

carpenter ant up close

This is going to be quite a spring. That mild winter we just had is going to make spring pests more abundant. One pest we expect to hear quite a bit about is the carpenter ant. Here are a few things you should know about these little wood biters.

Why will there be more carpenter ants this year?

Winter in New England usually does a good job of reducing carpenter ant populations. It isn't drastic but every bit counts. When a winter is mild, like the one we just had, not only does it fail to adequately reduce carpenter ant populations, it sets the conditions for a longer ant season. That means that all those extra ants will have more time to reproduce and create even more ants. If that sounds like bad news, it is only because it is.

What are the warning signs of carpenter ants?

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don't consume wood. They chew on it and push the sawdust out of their tunnels. This sawdust can be found on the floor in your basement, or on the ground in crawl spaces. It will be clinging to basement walls, or stacked on basement floors. If the carpenter ants haven't made it into your home yet, you may find sawdust around a tree in your yard, or along your fence line.

Another warning sign you're likely to see, especially in spring, is the appearance of swarmers. These are male and female, winged reproductives. If you see them, be aware that they are usually a sign of a current infestation, not an infestation that is about to begin.

Is there any way to protect my property from spring carpenter ants?

Yes. If you have any wood piles next to your home, consider moving them at least 20 feet away, and elevating the stack, so that it doesn't touch the ground. If you have areas of moisture next to your home, due to a broken or obstructed gutter system, it is important to get those gutters fixed and cleaned. Water and wood are strong attractants for carpenter ants.

The best way to protect your home from carpenter ants, and all of the other destructive pests that can damage your New England home, is to have ongoing pest services from an experienced and educated pest control company like Big Blue Bug Solutions. We've been protecting New England homes for over 80 years. Let our team of pest professional help you protect your home all year long with the most advanced pest protocols in the industry. Reach out to us and get started before the spring invasion begins.