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Do You Have Birds In Your Belfry?

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Bats aren't the only creatures that can get into your belfry. And it can drive you crazy. Pun intended. Birds have many qualities that can make them irritating to have in your belfry, or anywhere else for that matter. Here are some of the issues associated with having pest birds around.


All birds can make noise. Some birds make more noise than others--that's right crows, we're looking at you. Birds make noises when they sing or squawk. But they can also make noise when they take to the air in large numbers.

Landscape Destruction

When birds come onto our property they can damage vegetation, eat grass seeds, and damage water embankments. If you have enough birds congregating on your property, they can do a lot of damage.


Along with belfries, birds can roost in a wide range of places. Some of these roosting areas can cause damage, such as under solar panels, inside machinery, and inside electrical boxes. And, while roosts are unsightly, the real danger with roosts is the possibility of contamination. Birds are directly connected to the spread of hantavirus, which can lead to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome when inhaled. Always use a mask or respirator when cleaning up bird roosts.


The biggest issue with birds is the waste they leave behind. Bird droppings can spread illness to humans. They present a slipping hazard for customers and employees when they are left on walkways. Some droppings are corrosive and can even eat away at cement. But worst of all, birds leave their droppings everywhere. They do not discriminate.


Pest birds get into dumpsters and other dirty places. It is never a good idea to have them walking around in outside areas where food is consumed. That bird that is standing on your picnic table could have been standing on a trash heap two minutes ago.

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