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Spring Pests Preparing To Invade Maine

mosquito biting south portland resident

Like most Mainers, residents of South Portland are looking anxiously out the window to see the last of the snow finally melt away. Some people are watching the grass for signs of green, and others are keeping an eye on the trees for the appearance of those tiny buds. There is no doubt that spring is on the way, and though it might happen here a little later than the calendar tells us, we are no less excited to see it come. It’s funny; in those early stages of spring, we do not think too much of the pests that inevitably come with it, but it will not be long before bugs like carpenter ants, ticks, and the unofficial state bird, the mosquito, make an appearance as well.

The carpenter ant, those large black ants that we see on the sidewalk on warm days and occasionally scurrying across the kitchen floor, can seem harmless. They are just busy doing what ants do. Someone might just step on that one in the kitchen and then think no more about it. However, there is more to the carpenter ant than meets the eye. If one of these busy creatures is in your kitchen, they are likely looking for something edible to take back to their nest nearby. That nest, by the way is likely inside the house! Though these ants do not really eat wood, they do create ever growing nests in soft, moist wood doing damage to the structure of the home.

Ticks are the bane of any pet owner’s existence. All it seems to take is one paw in the deep grass and our pets run the risk of bringing out one of these icky parasites that can burrow its way into their fur and skin, not to mention that it can also burrow into ours. Ticks feed on blood, but the real problem is what they can leave behind. Tick bites can cause illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis, and, of course, Lyme disease, among others. Many of the diseases they bring can be mild; but others, such as Lyme, will need medical care to recover and can cause debilitating long-term effects.

Our favorite friend of spring is the mosquito. Mosquitoes are strictly warm weather pests found all over Maine, especially in marshy areas. These biting insects have ruined more than their fair share of cookouts and campfires. Not a home in Maine should be without at least one can of repellent. The mosquito is more than just an itchy annoyance; they too can bring with them several diseases that can cause a multitude of transmittable diseases. Encephalitis, meningitis, West Nile, malaria, and the latest one to enter the United States, Zika are all carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. This one tiny insect has done a lot of damage in the world, and it is important to protect yourself against them.

Consider Big Blue Bug’s year-round protection plans as your key to reduce or even eliminate the pests that surround your property. We can help keep pests like ants, fleas, ticks, earwigs, and mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy the warm weather for the few short months that we have it in our region. Our team can work with homeowners to safely treat the areas where these pests frequently hide or lay eggs to keep the population at a minimum outside, making your backyard the summer oasis you always wanted.