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Everything You Need to Know About Moles

mole digging hole

We aren’t about to give you a checkup about body bumps. These moles are lurking in your garden and tearing up your yard. We have everything you need to know about moles, from identifying the critters to getting rid of them for good. Here’s what you need to know about moles.

What is a Mole?

A mole is a small mammal that burrows into the ground. Moles are about the size of your palm. They have dark, soft fur, a long snout with a pink tip, beady eyes, and an elongated torso. It often looks like moles are squinting when you look at them, or it looks like they have no eyes at all. Moles also have large paws in that are wide with long claws. This is for foraging and digging in the dirt.

Why are Moles a Problem?

You likely won’t see a mole, so what makes them so destructive? While you likely won’t see a mole itself, you will certainly see its destruction. Those tunnels and dirt piles all over your yard are caused by these little pests.

Moles are a garden nuisance, lawn destroyers, and landscape ravagers. Moles are targeting your home because it is an excellent food source. Moles feed on snails, earthworms, grubs, worm, slugs, and other underground bugs. Moles also won’t pass up the chance the snack on the bulbs and seeds you have ready for spring.

Moles travel underground, so you will notice that your lawn is a little mushy because moles dig tunnels to travel. When moles come up in the night to find food and items for nesting, they dig big molehills to get above the soil.

How to Prevent Moles?

You want to protect your garden and your lawn, so how do you prevent moles?

Here are a few tips:

  • Treat your lawn for grubs and bugs to cut out the mole’s food source
  • Don’t overwater your lawn or garden
  • Set traps to catch moles
  • Flood the tunnels and molehills with a garden hose
  • Call the professionals

Big Blue Bug Solutions is a 2-for-1 punch to combat moles. Big Blue Bug Solutions has treatment applications to control the bugs and slugs on which moles feed, and a solution to get rid of the moles for good. The best way to prevent moles is to prevent them from nesting and feeding in your yard.

Call us now to get rid of the moles that are ravaging your yard.