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Are Voles Dangerous?

vole up close

Voles are related to mice and rats, thus they are a part of the rodent family. Generally, voles do not reside indoors like their look-a-like the mice do. Voles, for the most part, stay outdoors where they like to burrow tunnels to travel through, give birth to their young, and store their food. They can do extensive damage to lawns and properties when they create their tunnels, costing home and business owners a lot of money in repairs. These are year-round pests and will continue creating tunnels throughout the winter, even under snow.

Voles look very similar to mice and are about 5-8 inches long. They have a shorter, stockier build with short legs and a short, furry tail. Their eyes are small; and their fur can be light brown, dark brown, or black. They do have teeth, but it is rare for them to bite a human. They can, however, be a danger to humans and pets through their urine and feces that can harbor and spread some very serious diseases. They are also known to bring parasites onto properties that can be a problem for pets. Voles can cause a lot of destruction to crops, landscapes, trees, and lawns as well.

When voles dig, they create connecting tunnels that they use to get from one place to another. The tunnels can be about 2 inches wide and can sometimes be seen above ground. If you peer into them, you may see vole droppings inside. Much of their underground tunneling will cause grass and plants to die or cause them to turn yellow or brown, making your lawn and property unsightly. If you have a vole problem on your property, it is because you have the right type of vegetation that voles like to eat (grass, bulbs, tubers, and herbaceous plants, and flowers and root systems of trees and shrubs) and the right ground consistency to provide good shelter for them. Substantial property damage can be caused when voles eat and tunnel.

Getting rid of voles requires knowledge of the vole’s habits and habitats and hands-on experience. The experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions possess all these. Our pest professionals can inspect your property to know where voles are living and eating, and we can remove them in the most humane way possible. If you live in our service areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts, give us a call today to schedule your pest inspection and keep your property safe from vole activity. We also offer year-round residential pest control programs to keep your property pest-free throughout the year.