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Dangers Posed By Squirrels In Your Home

squirrel on roofline

Squirrels are fun. Don't you think? They perch on your fence and flick their tails in defiance at the cat trying to catch them. They chase each other around your yard, zigging and zagging and tumbling. And they perform amazing acrobatics trying to get into your bird feeders. Yes, they are fun. But you know what's not fun? When they find their way into your home. Not only is this no fun, but squirrels can be damaging to your home, belongings, and health.

How can you know you have a squirrel?

If you are hearing bumping, thumping and scratching noises coming from your attic and wall voids at night, chances are you have mice or rats. But if you are hearing these noises in the daytime, your invader might be a squirrel. Some other signs to look for (or smell for), to detect squirrels in your home, are: an unpleasant odor in the attic caused by urine and feces; holes along your roofline; a squirrel nest in the attic; or tiny footprints in dusty areas that look like the skeleton outline of a human hand.

Should you go looking to find out for sure?

If you happen to see or hear some signs of squirrels, it is generally not a good idea to go looking for the animal yourself. If it is a squirrel, or some other animal, be aware that all wild animals can be dangerous, especially if they feel threatened, are cornered, or are protecting young. It is always best to seek help from a wildlife professional.

Is it okay to just leave them alone? What harm can they do?

It is never a good idea to let a wild animal take up permanent residence inside your home or business.

There are several ways squirrels can cause damage:

  • Loss of heat: If a squirrel has gotten in through a hole in your roofline, chances are he is going to continue to chew, making that hole larger. This and insulation damage will cause your heating bills to rise.
  • Chewed items: Squirrels do a lot of chewing. They will chew wood, plastic, stored items, and even electrical wires. So not only can they damage what they are chewing on, they can cause a whole lot more damage if their wire chewing sparks a house fire.
  • Parasites: Rodents, even squirrels, have been known to transmit plague and a host of other diseases and illnesses. It is never a good idea to have them roaming free inside your home.

How can you get rid of a squirrel (or 2 or 3) in your home?

It is imperative to have a complete understanding of the wild animal that needs to be eradicated from your home. As mentioned, wild animals can be dangerous and infested areas will need to be safely cleaned to make sure any disease-causing bacteria is removed. Don't take chances with your home, belongings, or health. Get help for your South Portland home today. The wildlife removal specialists here at Big Blue Bug Solutions are standing by to assist you.