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How Rainy Weather Affects Pests in South Portland

residential neighborhood during rain storm

We've had so much rain in South Portland that many of us are starting to wonder if we'll ever see the sun again! But just as we feel like the constant, gloomy days of rainy weather are never going to end, the clouds break and the sun shines again as we get closer to summer in Maine. Rainy weather affects the pest forecast – making conditions ideal for breeding and for pests to look for shelter in your home. Some of the most common will include carpenter ants and mosquitoes.

Rain and Carpenter Ants

When the rain finds its way into your basement or rots the wood around your windows or in other areas of your home, the wood becomes softer and more attractive to carpenter ants. They love wood that has been damaged by water as it makes it easier for them to make tunnels and nests inside it.

 Excess rain storms can flood the ground, and carpenter ants, along with other ground-dwelling pests, may seek higher ground to get out of the flooded soil – like the inside of your home. Carpenter ants can move an entire colony in a short period of time.

Rain and Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. When there is a lot of rain, water fills up in anything that is left outdoors that can collect and hold the water – and the standing water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The more water lying around, the more mosquitoes there will be.

Year-Round Pest Control

Waiting to see whether we'll have a wet or dry spring before you think about pest control means you're probably going to have a pest infestation before you seek out help from the professionals. With a residential year-round pest control plan from Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can protect your Maine home and prevent pest infestations in all weather conditions. Our technicians will provide three preventative maintenance visits per year. If you should experience a pest infestation in between your scheduled visits, we will return for free to get rid of them. To learn more about our industry-leading solutions for your Maine home, contact us today.