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Spring Mice Problems

rodent in backyard

If you live here in the Northeast, you are probably breathing a sigh of relief that spring has finally sprung. Even though it was a fairly mild winter, it was still winter in New England! You can finally pack away your winter boots, your shovel, and your snow blower. You can take the studded snow tires off the car and take the emergency pack out of the trunk. The rock salt can be placed on a shelf in the garage, and the mice that spent the winter inside your walls will pack their bags and move on out! Well, not so fast. While you may be able to safely tuck your winter survival items away, don’t be so sure that mice are going to cooperate!

While it is true that many mice, and other rodents, will find their way inside your home or business in the fall to find a nice, warm place to spend the winter, it is certainly not true that once the weather warms they will suddenly decide to move back outside. After all, your home is comfortable. It is warm. It is dry, and it offers easy access to food and water. Inside the confines of your walls, basements, and kitchen cupboards, mice do not have to worry about the predators that are outside in the big bad world just waiting for a chance to snack on them. Why on earth would mice ever leave willingly?

The truth of the matter is that mice can and do infest properties throughout the entire year. There really is no favorite ‘infestation’ season! The trouble is that mice do not typically come alone. When they move into your home or your business, they will bring hundreds of their buddies with them - ‘Friends’ such as ticks, fleas, and mites, to be exact! Not only do these pests carry and transmit diseases of their own, but they can also help to spread the rodent-borne illnesses that the mice are harboring. And, if that wasn't bad enough, mice also have the aggravating habit of constantly gnawing on stuff. Sheetrock, furniture, support beams, wires, and much more are constantly at risk of damage; and if that wire happens to be live, well let’s just say that more than one fire has been sparked this way!

The very best way for you to protect your New England home or business from the damages that rodents cause and keep your family, your employees, and your customers from being exposed to rodent-borne illness is to implement a year-round pest protection plan from Big Blue Bug Solutions. While we can offer one-time rodent-specific services, the year-round threat that they pose really does require a year-round solution. To learn more about our effective solutions for your pest control needs, simply give us a call today.