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Why Am I Seeing So Many Spiders Lately?


Do you feel like you are spotting more spiders lately? As the weather gets cooler we want to think they'll just go away, but spiders are resourceful and will seek conditions that allow them to survive throughout the winter. That means that when they sense the change in temperature, they could end up visiting your home to find the shelter and food they need. Your home has all that: warmth, dark corners to hide in, and other insects to feed on. And once these spiders settle into your home, they have no plans to move out.

Typically in New England, you will find ordinary house spiders and sac spiders. The house spider is typically the spider that will create a lot of the cobwebs you see around, and its large, round, and light brown abdomen is easily recognized. The sac spider is about 3/8” with really long legs that can be up to an inch in length, and they are usually a very pale yellow in color. House spiders prefer to let prey come them, so you will likely find them hanging around a web, but sac spiders are nocturnal hunters, and could be encountered in more varied circumstances, though generally they return to their nests during the day. Regardless of the type, it can be quite unnerving to have spiders and their webs all over a home.

It can be pretty obvious when you have an infestation, as you will usually see the actual spiders and their webs. These spiders will tend to like kitchens and bathrooms where it has a warm, dark, and moist environment, especially around corners and ceiling areas. Once they have a chance to lay eggs, you could well be encountering tiny spiderlings multiple times a day. Getting rid of spiders can be very difficult once they have made their way into your home and gotten comfortable there. Spiders are very good at moving out of sight when they see you coming, or dropping out of sight when you try to kill them. Spider infestations can be scary, unsightly, and can take over a home pretty quickly.

Other than sealing off all entry points from the outside through cracks in your foundation and exterior walls, you will need to plug all gaps around wires, cables, and pipes that enter your home as well. Sweep or vacuum cobweb areas regularly to help the appearance of the inside of your home. Another very important factor is to ensure that you don't have other winter pests in your home, as this potential prey may be what drew the spiders in the first. Basically, the idea is to make this ideal winter habitat harder for spiders to access and more difficult for them to thrive in. However, if you need help eliminating your spider infestation, or any other pest problem, give us a call at Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Not only will we eradicate the spiders in your home, but we can help you prevent them from returning. We want our customers to have peace of mind that their spider problems are under control. Don’t wait, call us today to learn more about our residential pest control plans.