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Negative Impact Cockroaches Are Having On South Portland Restaurants

When you go out to eat, you pull up your smartphone and search one of the dozens of apps online that help you make your decision. You can search for a specific taste, the right atmosphere, and more importantly - what others have to say about it. There is a good side and a bad side of instant restaurant reviews, not only for you but for restaurants too.

Cockroaches are having a negative impact on South Portland restaurants, and smartphones have a lot to do with it.

The Good, The Bad, and the Pesty Side of Review Apps

Restaurant review apps are good because you can search for the best restaurant near you that has exactly what you want and the type of service you demand. Restaurant review apps have helped businesses expand their reach to new customers. They have also made it easier to know exactly what to expect when you arrive - if new or existing customers even decide to go.

Restaurant review apps have improved the bottom lines of restaurants everywhere, but they are also a double-edged sword. A greater presence online to a larger audience is good for the business if the business is always on its game.

When reviewers open their apps to review a place or read a review, one cockroach sighting can devastate your business. That is what a lot of South Portland restaurants are facing right now.

One Cockroach is NEVER Just One

People seem a little more forgiving when reading reviews about service and wrong orders, but what patrons won’t forgive is bugs in or around their plates. Even if it is one cockroach and one review, it is NEVER just one. One cockroach sighting at your restaurant means an entire infestation to every reviewer and restaurant seeker scouting the apps. Of course, it isn’t just one app either.

There are dozens of apps, reviews are shared over and over, and word-of-mouth becomes a wildfire. In a matter of days, business will begin to drop because, to them, the sighting means your place is dirty, roaches may or may not be in the food, and a weird smell is always a roach smell. So, it is never just one.

Here are a few more problems cockroaches can cause in your restaurant:

  • They spread disease and illnesses
  • Roaches spread bacteria and contaminate food with salmonella
  • They cause a “roach smell” in your establishment
  • They leave behind feces and their skins on the ground
  • They can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks
  • Infestations can grow out of control
  • You cannot kill them on your own

Cockroach Help for Restaurants

Restaurants in South Portland that subscribe to regular commercial pest control treatments don’t have to worry about cockroaches and other bugs. They certainly don’t have to wonder if one bad review about a cockroach on the wall or on the floor will ruin their business either. Big Blue Bug Solutions has a plan that is sure to meet your commercial pest control needs.