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Our Love, Hate Relationship With Chipmunks


If you have ever Googled "cute chipmunks" you were probably not disappointed. There are some absolutely adorable pictures of these tiny striped critters with their cheeks bulging with nuts. Those cheeks are amazing! And if you have ever had the pleasure of seeing chipmunks in action in your yard, you may be quite enamored with them. They certainly are adorable. But, they aren't quite so adorable when they get into outbuildings. And they certainly aren't adorable when they find their way into your attic!

The Good, The Bad, And The Chipmunks

The Good: The good things about having chipmunks around are they are entertaining to watch. That's pretty much it. They can be a lot of fun to see scampering around the yard, along the fence, or up a tree. They are fun to see stuffing nuts into those cheeks. And if you approach a chipmunk outside, it will generally just zip out of the way and then flick its tail at you in defiance.

The Bad: If a chipmunk gets trapped inside your home, and you approach it, it may do more than run away and flick its tail. Like all wild animals, chipmunks will bite if they feel threatened, if they are cornered, or when they are protecting their young. And people aren't the only things chipmunks bite. These rodents will bite on everything, including insulation, sheetrock, items in storage, wood, electrical wiring, and more. And they aren't necessarily happy with one entry point in your home. If they chew their way in, they may continue to chew that hole larger or chew additional holes to have more ways of entering and exiting. Not only is this unsightly, but it can cause your heating and cooling bills to rise.

If chipmunks make a nest in your attic or wall voids, they will not only cause noises in the attic, but they will leave urine and feces everywhere they go, which could be the cause of illness. Chipmunks can also be carriers of parasites such as mites, ticks, and fleas. All of these come with a whole other set of problems, such as ticks, which are vectors for Lyme disease.

The Chipmunks: Most chipmunks are more than happy to remain outdoors their entire lives. But once in a while, one will set up housekeeping inside a structure, or get trapped in a home by accident. If a chipmunk does get trapped, be aware that it can be very destructive in its attempt to get back outside, tearing screens and knocking items over in its panic.

If you discover that you have one of these adorable creatures in your home, do not try to remove it on your own. Chipmunks, no matter how cute, can be very dangerous to your belongings and to your health. Though it is rare for these animals to carry rabies, they have been known to spread salmonella and hantavirus.

If you need help in safely and humanely removing a chipmunk from your home, reach out to the wildlife control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Help is just a call away.