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Why Silverfish Enter Our Homes


If you've ever taken a long hard look at a silverfish, you have probably noticed that these insects look like something from another planet. It would seem more appropriate for them to be crawling on the wall of some interstellar spacecraft, rather than hanging out in your bathroom tub. So why do these alien creatures enter our homes? Here are three of the most likely reasons.


Silverfish are considered moisture pests. If you have them in your home, your home may have moisture damage somewhere. That means water is accumulating next to your foundation walls and creating the conditions for wood rot. When silverfish appear, especially in large numbers, it is a good idea to call a carpenter to do a detailed inspection and repair any areas that have been damaged by water.


Many insects come into our homes in search of food and silverfish are no exception. But the kinds of foods silverfish eat may surprise you. While they can be found munching on foods that we eat, especially foods that contain sugar or starches, they are just as happy to chew on books, wallpaper, silk, and shampoo. Our homes are a buffet for silverfish. They'll eat everything from dry skin to dead insects. But their favorite meal is glue. They will also have no problem nibbling on photos, important documents, fabrics, and more.

Because they can

If you have silverfish enjoying moist conditions near your exterior walls, it is only natural for them to explore your walls for entry points. Sometimes these entry points are as simple as a damaged door sweep. The older the home, the easier it is for silverfish to find a gap, crack, or hole.

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