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Best Fall Prevention Tips For South Portland Residents

There are some who joke and say that we have four seasons here in Maine: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, but that's not true. Summer in Maine is filled with trips to the lake, mountain hikes, baseball games, trips down the white water rapids, and other outdoor fun. Fall is also filled with outdoor fun. Sure, it's getting colder, but the leaves are turning, and there is nothing quite like taking a hike through the mountains when the leaves are fiery orange and yellow. But, fall also comes with another outdoor activity that isn't quite as fun. Yep. Pest prevention.

Why is fall pest prevention so important? It is because all those bugs and wild creatures around your South Portland home know that it is going to get cold soon. Really cold. And that can drive them into man-made structures. But, you can have an impact on how many of those fall invaders get in.

How To Keep Fall Pests Out

  • Fall clean-up isn't just important for the beauty of your yard, it is also one of the ways you can reduce your risk of having a fall invasion. More bugs in your yard means more bugs that will explore your walls for entry points. When leaves lay on the ground, they provide a place for bugs and animals to hide. This increases the attractiveness of your yard and increases the population of potential pests.
  • When leaves fall in gutters it can cause water to build up and overflow. Not only is this bad for the wood of your home, it can make the soil next to your foundation moist, and lure many bugs in close to your home.
  • Cutting back bushes in the fall isn't just healthy for your bushes, it can make your home less vulnerable. Many creatures use bushes as a bridge to get higher on your home and exploit gaps and holes around windows.
  • No matter what time of year it is, it is always a good idea to do a close inspection of your foundation and exterior walls, and fix any entry points you find. Use a caulking gun if you're not able to properly fix these areas.
  • Reducing clutter in your yard, especially next to your home, will decrease the population of bugs and possible invaders.

Maine has four beautiful seasons, but each season brings with it its own set of pest pressures. For a complete barrier that bugs and wildlife can't penetrate, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. We offer year-round plans that make homes in South Portland pest-free all year long. And a pest-free home is a much nicer place to live.