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Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Silverfish

silverfish up close in rhode island home

Silverfish are a common pest found throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New England as a whole. A small insect, silverfish are often in between a half-inch and one inch in length, are silver in color, and have 3 bristles that protrude from their abdomen. They are narrow, lengthy, flat in shape and their movements are known to be fish-like.

Though not known to carry disease, bite, or sting, silverfish are very much a nuisance pest and are guilty of ruining property they choose to infest. Attracted to moisture, silverfish can commonly be found in basements, kitchens, bathrooms and other high moisture areas of your home. When the silverfish infest an area, they will leave small holes behind where they have fed. Another sign of silverfish can be etchings along the surface of infested materials. In serious cases, even droppings and scales have been found, and in the event that you come across any of these signs of silverfish, the area should be inspected immediately by a professional and appropriate action should be taken.

Silverfish are historically a tough pest to get rid of, and preventing these pests can be tough as well. In order to help, make sure to keep humidity low. Install a dehumidifier if necessary and make sure to fix any leaks in pipes. Also, focus on patching up holes in foundations and walls that could potentially let in moisture from outside. Keeping the moisture down is your best bet in keeping silverfish out. Call a professional pest control company if you see silverfish or signs of silverfish in your home.

With our residential control services, not only will we take care of and help prevent silverfish, but while we are at your home we will do so for most other common pests as well. We will make sure to focus on both the outside and inside of your property, addressing the conditions attracting pests, getting rid of them, and putting methods in place to help prevent them in the future. Our residential pest control plans come with three preventative maintenance visits each year and if for any reasons pests pop up in between visits, we will come back at no additional cost to you! Known as the cleanest pest control company around, you can count on Big Blue Bug Solutions to make sure your house is as clean when we leave as it was when we arrived. In order to reassure this, our technicians will put on blue gloves and booties before entering your home so that dirt stays outside where it belongs. If you have silverfish, or any other pests invading your home, don’t wait, call us today to schedule your free inspection!