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What You Can Do About Fleas

flea in the hair of a pet

Fleas are surely frustrating pests! They are tiny, escape in the blink of an eye, are hard to prevent, and a pain to get rid of. Due to their small size and flat bodies, fleas can enter a residence through places that most people might never find. Though they are a blood-feeding pest and will usually enter a residence by way of a mammal, you don’t have to have pets in order to get fleas. Their ability to jump 6” at a time allows them to easily enter homes in search of necessities like food and warmth. While fleas cannot infest a human as it would an animal, it can certainly bite one, usually leaving behind an itching, red welt that can become quite an annoyance. For an animal, however, a flea bite can mean much more serious problems. Fleas have been known to pass along tapeworm and murine typhus to cats and dogs, which makes getting rid of them extremely important.

Preventing fleas can be nearly impossible, especially if you have pets coming and going. A female flea can lay upwards of 2000 eggs in her lifetime, substantially increasing the problem over time if it is not controlled. Treating your pet, unfortunately, will not eliminate fleas from your home, and although cleaning thoroughly can help, larvae, pupae, and eggs are often attached tightly to carpet fibers and upholstery, making them very hard to get rid of completely. Usually introduced to a property by a wild animal, there is not much you can do to prevent fleas, and if you find fleas or any signs of fleas, professional help will be your best option.

For more than 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions has been offering effective services to control and exterminate fleas. With our Home Owner’s Policy (HOP), we can effectively treat fleas, as well as most other common pests. Keeping other pests out will greatly decrease the likelihood of fleas on your property and help in keeping your home safe and clean. When you sign up for our HOP program, we will also visit periodically to make sure that pests are not getting into your home in the future. If they do happen to pop up in between visits, don’t worry, we will come back completely free of charge so that you never have to worry about pests again. DIY methods for fleas can be extremely dangerous, and if misused can cause serious health problems for you and your pets, which is exactly why professional pest control is the safest most responsible option for any homeowner. If fleas infest your property don’t wait, call Big Blue Bug Solutions today for help. We will leave your property cleaner than when we arrived!