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Why You Cannot Ignore Carpenter Ants


Sometimes in life, you think you can ignore the little things, and then those little things become big things. The check engine light is on in your car for the 10th time and you come to be familiar with it and leave it, ignoring it entirely. Sure it could be nothing, but it could also be a sign that something major is about to happen and next thing you know, what could have been a cheap part is now an expensive engine. A puddle in the basement usually gets soaked up and is then forgotten about. That same puddle that was small last time could have eroded enough of the access point away to be a flooding mess this time, ruining everything! A soft spot in the lawn might go ignored because the grass looks good, yet underneath, the ground is washing away and you could wake up one of these days to find a sinkhole where the swing set used to be. These little things can be fairly affordable if taken care of up front, but if left alone, can become extremely expensive. This is exactly the case with carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants by themselves are fairly small, but with a colony behind them, they can be extremely detrimental. Here in South Portland, some carpenter ant colonies are known to reach close to 100,000 ants! They have been known to chew away at so much wood that they can weaken structures. With their ability to work day and night under the right circumstances, they can weaken entire walls and foundations that are made of wood. As they hollow out this wood to grow their nest, not only does the nest grow, but the problem grows substantially as well. If they go unnoticed, they can weaken these structures to the point of actual collapse, making them a real danger to you, your family, and your guests. Carpenter ants present a serious problem and should be taken care of immediately.

If you have carpenter ants or think you have carpenter ants, call Big Blue Bug Solutions today! Getting rid of carpenter ants can be difficult and professional help is the best answer. Professional help has many benefits including a thorough inspection and customized treatment plan. We understand that every infestation is different, which is why we go into every carpenter ant infestation with open eyes and open minds. When it comes to carpenter ants, taking care of the nest is crucial. Our professionals are extensively trained on where to look and what exactly to look for. They will not only address carpenter ants themselves, but they will also address conditions around your property that could be attractive to these pests, making sure that they are not popping up in the future. If that is not enough, we are so confident in our carpenter ant control that we will provide a 1-year carpenter ant warranty. Our carpenter ant warranty can be renewed after the year and can even be transferred to new homeowners should your home be sold! So don’t let carpenter ants take over your South Portland home, and don’t wait! Call Big Blue Bug Solutions to schedule your consultation today!