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What Am I Doing to Attract Raccoons To My South Portland Property...

Raccoon found near south Portland home

Overturned trash cans, destroyed garden beds, ripped screens and siding…this is just a glimpse of the damage that you might see if a raccoon has made its way onto your property. The list can get worse once a raccoon gets inside the home. Raccoons are extremely destructive animals while on the mission to find food, water, and shelter. They will go to great lengths to get these necessities, including sneaking in or breaking through windows or scurrying down chimneys. Once inside the home, they won’t hesitate to destroy personal items that are in their way. If they get into the walls, they can cause damage to inner walls and insulation. As homeowners, there are certain things that you might be doing—without even realizing it—to attract raccoons to your home.

While some of these things are more obvious “no-nos”, some things you've always thought were routine may be a warm invitation for raccoons to come on by. A few of the more obvious items include leaving food scraps or trash outside and not properly sealing trashcan lids. Any type of accessible food, including dog food left outside, will satisfy the raccoon. They aren’t picky. It can make things even worse if those trash cans are left right beside the home, as opposed to setting them 20 feet or more away. If you are a gardener or if you have compost on your property, it may not come to mind to install high fencing or make it difficult for raccoons to reach. We may think deer fences, but raccoons are also avid foragers and will go to great lengths to gain access to food. This is why homeowners should think outside of the box when trying to avoid raccoon infestations. A few of the not so obvious ways you could be inviting raccoons inside is simply by not investing in coverings for windows, vents, and even chimneys. By being aware of ways that you’re attracting raccoons, you could avoid having them as unwelcome guests.

If you think you might already have a raccoon problem or you know for a fact that you do, it’s highly important to call Big Blue Bug Solutions, a pest control company that protects residents of South Portland from pests and wildlife. When it comes to removing wildlife from the home, “do-it-yourself” solutions will not work. Calling a professional for help is the only safe and reliable solution. Raccoons are difficult and dangerous creatures to get rid of. When threatened, they may attack by scratching or biting. They are often carriers of rabies and other serious diseases that could potentially be passed on to you, your family, or your pets. Big Blue Bug Solutions determine a plan that is unique and specific to your home. The plan may include live trapping and catch-and-release, or habitat modification, depending on your needs. No matter the plan, our team will eliminate your raccoon problems. We will even suggest prevention techniques like installing the proper coverings and helping you determine what may be attracting raccoons in the first place.