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Take The Headache Out Of Raccoon Control In Rhode Island


They may look cute and innocent, but raccoons can create a heap of trouble for property owners. These bushy-tailed furry bandits rummage through your trash cans and ruin your landscaping. As much as you believe you’re well-equipped to handle these creatures by yourself, raccoons can become extremely aggressive if encountered or feel threatened. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook seeking the experience of professionals with raccoon removal in Rhode Island.

With over 80 years in the pest management field, our highly skilled team at Big Blue Bug Solutions knows a thing or two about removing raccoons to restore safety and peace to your property. Read on to learn more about these nocturnal mammals and why you should partner with pest specialists to keep them away long-term.

How To Identify A Raccoon

With a stocky build, a pointy snout, and that unmistakable black mask surrounding their eyes, most people could easily pick out a raccoon from a line-up of pesky intruders. Their long, thick, grayish fur features a mixture of lighter and darker bands that show a unique pattern. Their front paws resemble tiny human hands with five fingers that allow them to manipulate objects easily. Raccoons also possess a bushy and ringed tail, adding to their distinctive appearance.

As nocturnal creatures, these animals have an excellent sense of sight and hearing. Their huffing or chittering noises can disturb your peaceful evenings, especially while they scavenge through your garbage bins and other items on your property.

If you discover these animals have taken a liking to your personal surroundings, reach out to your local pest management company for further assistance.

Is It Dangerous To Have Raccoons Around My Property?

The downside of having an appealing property is that it not only attracts the eye of envious neighbors but also hungry animals looking for their next meal or lodging opportunity. In the case of curious raccoons, which may be cute to some, these creatures possess super sharp teeth and claws that can make surprise encounters potentially dangerous. They're also carriers of multiple diseases, such as leptospirosis, rabies, and raccoon roundworm.

On their quest to pillage your leftovers, these animals can cause a noisy ruckus while aggressively looking through your trash bins and compost piles. Many property owners have reported waking up in the morning to find litter strewn throughout their yards. As excellent explorers and climbers, raccoons may find their way into your crawl space, attic, or chimney. Once inside, they can chew on electrical wiring or other structures, resulting in costly damage and other hazards.

Given all these reasons, you must contact our Big Blue Bug Solutions team for the most comprehensive raccoon prevention and control solutions to keep your property peaceful and safe.

Tips For Raccoon-Proofing: Preventing Unwanted Raccoon Encounters

Living or working in close proximity to raccoon habitats can lead to unwelcome encounters, which can put you and others in dangerous situations. That's why it's essential to put the following preventative methods into practice for a safe and relaxed environment:

  • Secure your trash bins to keep raccoons from scavenging through them.
  • Patch holes and gaps under your deck, crawl space, or attic.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and avoid leaving pet food dishes outdoors overnight.
  • Install motion-activated water sprinklers or lights to startle trespassing raccoons.
  • Build a barrier around your garden with wire mesh to protect it.

For additional recommendations or to schedule a raccoon control service, consult with wildlife experts in your area.

Professional Raccoon Removal: Effective And Humane Solutions

For the most advanced raccoon pest control in Rhode Island, trust our specialists at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We bring a wealth of expertise to handling these creatures responsibly, utilizing methods that prioritize the safety and well-being of both you and the animals. Choosing professional services ensures a humane approach while giving you the peace of mind that your property is secured. 

Get in touch with us today to request your courtesy inspection.