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Benefits Of Keeping Drains Clean

commercial floor drain

Let’s face it, dirty drains are not something you like to think about every day. But, flies are naturally drawn to the decay and fermentation that can exist in commercial sinks and floor drains, and that is a reality that exists especially in food service facilities. The sink drains provide a variety of flies and larvae a good source of food that they can survive on. This food source consists mainly of discarded food waste that has been rinsed down the sink drain. That is where the drain walls will accumulate a multitude of bacteria and fungus. This creates the perfect breeding ground for flies, such as fruit flies, sewer gnats, drain flies and the like. These flies will breed rapidly and lay their eggs inside the dirty drains, especially in areas like the p-trap where food debris can really build up. After a while, the adult flies emerge from all of the sink and floor drains bringing forth the filth of the drain with them.

The best way to completely eliminate this type of drain fly problem is by contacting a commercial pest control that includes drain cleaning. They can help you eliminate fly breeding zones and grease build-up in drains. If you own or manage a commercial food service facility in the South Portland, Maine area, Big Blue Bug Solutions has just the right program that can help business owners and managers combat drain flies. We have a complete pest control solution that will help you eliminate the flies, get rid of foul odors, and increase the sanitary conditions of your commercial food service facility.

Our experienced drain cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean all of your accessible drains on a quarterly basis. In this process, we will use our highly effective and environmentally-friendly methods. These methods will get rid of the flies breeding sites and remove all of the dangerous food bacteria and fungus from the drains. in addition, our bioremediation program can take care of all of those really bad odors as well. We will help you keep your food service environment free from drain flies that may taint the reputation of your commercial business. If you would like some more information on our commercial drain cleaning service program, give us call us today, at Big Blue Bug Solutions in South Portland, you will be glad you did.