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Dangers Of Leaving Bed Bugs Untreated

bed bug crawling across bed

You may be thinking it’s impossible to get bed bugs in your home since you keep your home clean. The truth is, bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home. They come inside from other infested areas, as they are expert hitchhikers, and can hitch a ride unnoticed on your clothing or luggage. They can also come in on other items that you may buy used or receive as gifts from others, like used furniture or upholstered items. Bed bugs also have the ability to travel between homes in a multi-unit dwelling through baseboards or even the electrical sockets. If you have the unfortunate experience of getting bed bugs in your home, you can not leave them untreated, as the infestation will continue to grow and spread throughout your home.

Sometimes people are embarrassed about bed bugs and want to try DIY methods to get rid of them instead of calling for help. For example, some people think rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs and that it can be sprayed in the bed, on the mattress, and rugs to get rid of the infestation; this will not work. Some people spend a lot of time vacuuming the crevices of their mattress and furniture to try and eliminate bed bugs. For sure the vacuum will suck up some of the bed bugs, and it’s a great way to reduce the population if you remember to empty the vacuum bin or change the vacuum bag -  but you can actually spread the infestation even further once the bed bugs are in the vacuum. They can climb out and re-infest other areas of your home! Washing and drying your bedding at the highest temperature settings will, in fact, kill off any bed bugs in the linens, but don’t forget that eggs and some bugs will probably remain in the room - only to continue reproducing and spreading even after you return the clean, bug-free sheets to your bed.

Once bed bugs are in your home they can be extremely difficult to eliminate without assistance from experienced specially trained technicians. Bed bugs live an average of 300 days and a female can lay five eggs a day - up to 500 eggs in her lifetime! Don’t take any chances, call Big Blue Bug Solution in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and begin fighting back. Our experienced bed bug control specialists will inspect your home for signs of bed bugs and eliminate your bed bug infestation with fast and efficient methods. Don't delay and let bed bugs take over. Call today!