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When You Should Call The Professionals About Your Woodchuck Problem


Woodchucks, who are commonly referred to as groundhogs, are often seen as interesting but harmless creatures. Punxsutawney Phil is the name of the groundhog that "determines" if we are going to have an early or late spring, and we love to see his antics each year during the ceremony, not to mention his acting skills alongside Bill Murray. In real life, however, woodchucks can cause a lot of damage to properties, and cause homeowners a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

Woodchucks are kind of cute, and the size of a large house cat with a light brown overcoat and a short stubby tail. They have powerful claws and short arms for digging. They are mostly peaceful animals that rarely bite, but they will bite and scratch ferociously if they feel threatened or are cornered. They can do serious damage to landscapes, plants, lawns, gardens and other vegetation because of their eating habits. They can also damage foundations, fences, electrical wires, and get into engine compartments. Whether it’s what they eat, chew on, or get into, the damages can be extremely costly.

You should definitely call on wildlife professionals about your woodchuck problem as soon as you see the first signs of them on your property. Signs like damaged vegetation or the more common sign of mounds of soil they cause while burrowing beneath your lawn. The woodchucks that have invaded your property will have plentiful access to water and food, thus burrowing and nesting there to reproduce and raise their young. Should you try to eradicate woodchucks on your own, you could face personal injury, and it's unlikely you will be able to get rid of them all on your own. Not only that but how will you prevent them in the future since they can burrow deeply into the ground that a normal fence won’t keep out?

If you need help with woodchucks on your property in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, the wildlife control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions are ready to solve your problems. We can create a specific program that suits your specific wildlife issues. We use a variety of methods based on your needs. These methods can range from simple habitat modification and catch-and-release programs, to live trapping and exclusions. We implement effective methods while preserving natural resources and managing damages. Big Blue Bug Solutions has everything that is needed to effectively eliminate woodchucks from your property, so give us a call today for properties in New England.