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Common Mice Mistakes

mouse found in south portland home

Every year mice cause thousands of dollars in damages to homes in South Portland. Most people are already aware of how much of a health risk it is to have mice or rats in your home. However, many are unaware of how much physical damage mice can cause to a home. Mice have a tendency to gnaw their way into the walls, chewing on wiring and insulation of homes and appliances, which can cause extensive damage. Unfortunately, there are three common mistakes people make when they have mice in their homes.

Common Mistakes We Make With Mice

  • Believing that once spring comes the mice will leave -Too many people think that the mice are in their home only for the warmth that it provides in the colder months. The reality is that once mice are in a home they will tend to remain there as long as possible, because it gives them numerous other benefits, including easy access to plenty of food. Your food.
  • Ignoring the signs - Ignoring the signs of a mice infestation is a dangerous mistake to make. If you see mice droppings or any other signs of mice in your home you should call an exterminator immediately. Just because you haven’t seen a mouse doesn’t mean they aren’t there, mice rarely allow themselves to be seen and will flee at any sign of someone approaching. If left unchecked mice in your home could cause damage or make you very sick. Also, if you wait until you do actually see a mouse, that most often means you have a settled infestation of mice, and it will cost more to get rid of them than if you had taken care of it at the first signs.
  • Assuming DIY tricks will work - Do-it-yourself tricks for getting rid of mice, such as using natural remedies or mouse traps are simply not very effective at getting rid of mice. Once mice are in your home it is very important to contact a professional to avoid costly home damages or a growing infestation, as mice reproduce rapidly.

Mice and rats pose a substantial risk, and their lifestyle is geared around reproducing rapidly and taking full and complete advantage of their surroundings. Due to the risks involved and the persistent nature of mice and rats, a DIY solution is not an effective option, and may only prolong the infestation and even increase risks. It is important if you live in the South Portland area and you see signs of mice or rats in your home, that you call Big Blue Bug Solutions to eliminate the infestation.