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How Getting Year-Round Pest Protection Now Can Save Big Later

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One of the best things about living in Maine is experiencing our near perfect summers. With lots of daylight and just the right temperatures, the only thing to dislike about Maine summers is the potential for a pest invasion.

Summer is the height of pest season in Maine which makes it the perfect time to take advantage of Big Blue Bug Solutions year-round pest protection. We can take care of the pests that are bugging you now and prevent infestations of the pests that will try to bug you later.

Summer Pests

Right now spiders, ants, and fleas are at their peak, to name just a few of Maine’s summertime pests.

While spiders rarely pose a danger, they do bite, and you probably don’t want to have a bunch of them residing in your home. Once there, they are difficult to get rid of.

Ants love to invade homes in the summer. If you end up with carpenter ants, you could have a big problem on your hands. Carpenter ants nest in wood and if not managed, can cause dangerous structural damage to your home.

While fleas typically find their way into your home on your cat or dog, you don’t have to have pets to have a flea problem. Fleas bite, transmit diseases, and can give your pets tapeworm. They are also very difficult to get rid of once they’re in your home.

If you are currently having a problem with any summertime pests, Big Blue Bug Solutions can help with our year-round residential pest control.

Fall Pests

Autumn is the time for nuisance pests, such as earwigs and silverfish. While they don’t pose a danger to humans or pets, they can invade your home and are an annoyance.

Earwigs and silverfish both thrive in moisture-rich environments so you’ll likely find them in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. They’re good at hiding, which makes them difficult to eradicate. However, with Big Blue Bug Solutions year-round pest protection, you won’t have to worry.

Winter Pests

We don’t often think of winter as being a time when pests are a problem in Maine, but winter pests can be some of the most destructive.

Mice need a warm place to stay in the winter and your home fits the bill. Mice not only carry diseases, but can cause dangerous house damage as well. If they chew on electrical wiring in your home, it not only damages the wiring, it can also cause a fire hazard.

Stop your mouse problem before it starts by calling Big Blue Bug Solutions today. We prevent problems before the begin which will save you both money and stress in the long run.

Year-Round Pests

The year-round protection plan also takes care of the pests that are a bother all year long, such as cockroaches and pantry pests. Both of these pests can contaminate your food, causing illness.

Whether you are currently experiencing a pest problem or you want to prevent a problem before it starts, Big Blue Bug Solutions year-round pest protection is the solution you need. Call us today!