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Safeguard Your South Portland Home For The Carpenter Bee Invasion

carpenter bee in south portland

Generally, when we think about wood-destroying pests we will only think of termites, or maybe even carpenter ants, but is that all we have to worry about to safeguard our South Portland homes? Not at all; carpenter bees can be a big problem, causing damage to wood products just like termites and carpenter ants. That damage can result in costly repairs that no one wants to deal with. Preventing carpenter bees in the first place is the answer to safeguarding your home from these wood-damaging pests.

Carpenter bees are a large variety of bee species. They can grow to be 1/2” to 1 1/2“ in length and are commonly mistaken for bumblebees, however, carpenter bees do not have hairy abdomens. They do have shiny black bellies, and the females have stingers, but rarely do they sting humans unprovoked. There is still the threat of a reaction if you are allergic to bee venom if you are stung. Carpenter bees are known to nest in soft trees, plants, and structures by digging into them and making chambers where they can reproduce. If left to their own devices, multiple bees will often continue to hollow out the entire piece of wood until it weakens or is destroyed.

You will know that you have an infestation of carpenter bees hanging out around window sills, decks, shingles, and other wood items. There will also be small piles of fecal droppings and sawdust outside of an exit hole in the wood. In order to prevent carpenter bees and the destruction that they cause, some preventative measures include:

  • Seal weathered surfaces
  • Paint or stain all wood
  • Use hardwood for building
  • Enlist the service of a professional pest control company

Carpenter bee infestations should only be dealt with by a professional. Experienced technicians can find and treat every area of carpenter bee activity, and prevent them from coming back. In South Portland, Maine, Big Blue Bug Solutions can give you more information about carpenter bee control and provide effective services. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we have year-round services that can give you complete peace of mind that your home and property are protected from damaging pests like carpenter bees.

Call us today for more information about our year-round residential pest control plans.