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Centipede Prevention Tips That Actually Work
house centipede in basement

The internet seems to have become an infinite well of information. The biggest issue surrounding a quick internet search is: is it true? Though there is a lot of information out there, you cannot believe everything you read, and with all the DIY tricks out there to prevent centipedes, you could do yourself more harm than good should you come across the wrong one. Many DIY methods involve store-bought sprays and liquids, that if mixed, can cause dangerous chemical reactions. If improperly used, these off the shelf methods can prove to be a risk to you, your family and pets.

Here is a look at some safe and effective centipede prevention tips that actually work.

  • Keep other bugs out of your home. This seems like a no-brainer, but Centipedes actually feed on these other bugs. Centipedes are known to hunt soft-bodied pests like worms, spiders, and even other centipedes. Keeping bugs to a minimum reduces the food source for centipedes and plays a major role in deterring them. 
  • Lower humidity levels in your home. Centipedes thrive when moisture is present and find it ideal for their living conditions. Using a dehumidifier in damp places like basements and attics can help make your home less attractive to these pests.
  • Keep your yard clean and clear. Clutter in your lawn can make for good living conditions for centipedes. Lawn clippings, dead or rotted logs, and wood should be cleaned up and removed immediately to discourage centipedes. 

Ultimately, the best prevention method is calling the professionals. Signing up for a year-round pest control plan can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Not only will it take care of centipedes, it will also address most other common pests! Our Home Owners Policy automatically includes 3 preventative maintenance visits each year and if covered pests pop up in between visits, we come and address the problem at no additional cost to you! Because we take pride in keeping your home clean, our technicians will always be sure to provide you with our Blue Glove Service. Before entering your home they will put on both blue gloves and booties, thus keeping your home as clean when we leave as it was when we entered! If you have centipedes or any other pests, Big Blue Bug Solutions can help! Give us a call today and schedule your year-round pest control today! Take control of pests before pests take control of your home!