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Why Cold Weather In Southern Maine Brings Mice


Homeowners throughout Southern Maine can experience rodent infestations all year long. However, it is in the fall when the temperatures begin to fall, that mice, in particular, will become more and more common inside homes. They are just looking for a warm place to live, nest, and raise their young, a place that offers them shelter and accessibility to food and water, which is why your home is so attractive to them.

The fact is that when mice invade our homes, they can cause a lot of damage, and the damage can be very costly:

  • They use any material they can to build their nests, including insulation, cardboard, fabric, etc.
  • They chew on furniture, books, baseboards, and other items, as well as window and door frames, to keep their incisors from growing too long
  • They might even gnaw on an electrical wire that can spark a fire or gnaw on a plumbing pipe that could burst and cause flooding

In addition, rodents present health risks that can affect you, your family, and your pets by carrying germs, bacteria, and parasites into your home. They cause disease by tracking these things throughout your home on their bodies, in their urine and feces, and depositing them in your food and on surfaces.

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the early signs of mice activity in their homes. Don’t ignore those small black droppings that look similar to that of a grain of rice, unusual urine odor, torn food packages, grease marks along walls, or the sounds coming from the walls and ceilings. Don’t wait until you have seen a mouse or two either, take action right away because mice, in particular, can increase their population very quickly and wreak havoc inside your home within a short time. Another common mistake is trusting DIY treatment methods that can be costly, messy, and fall short of solving rodent problems completely. You should contact a professional pest control company that will solve your rodent problems effectively and efficiently.

If you are a homeowner in South Portland, Maine, call on the experienced professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We know how hard it is to get rid of mice from your home and how dangerous they can be. Let us solve your rodent problems. Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control programs