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Two Common Pests Invading New England Pantries This Fall

moth on a piece of bread

Some of the worst invasions of pests include the ones that involve your stored foods. Opening up a package to find bugs crawling around inside can be a quick way to make one lose their appetite! Some common stored-product pests include Indian meal moths and saw-toothed grain beetles. Both of these pests can be brought in through store-bought products that have already been infested. This fact makes anyone susceptible to an invasion. Here’s what you need to know about each of these pests.

Indian Meal Moths

Indian meal moths are small brown moths that enjoy feeding on cornmeal, flour, nuts, bird seed, dog food, and other similar foods. These moths can be difficult to control because they lay hundreds of eggs at a time which hatch within 14 days! This means it doesn’t take long for an invasion to get out of control. If you notice clumps in your food, this could be from the webbing made by groups of their larvae. This may be the first sign you notice from these pests. When the infestation gets worse, you may notice the moths on your walls and ceilings. The larvae that will dwell and eat inside packages may also be seen.

Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles

Saw-toothed grain beetles get their name from six saw-like projections that extend off their thorax. These beetles are brown, flat, and small—only a tenth of an inch long. These pests also enjoy grain products. They’ll feast on cereal, pasta, dried fruit, nuts and more. You may notice these small beetles or their larvae after opening a product they’ve infested. Capable of laying hundreds of eggs, these beetles can also increase in number very quickly.

As mentioned above, both of these pests can gain entrance to your home and food storage areas by coming in on already-infested food products. Once inside your home, they will breed and continue to infest other products. Indian meal moths and saw-toothed grain beetles are both difficult to control.

To prevent these pests, you should carefully inspect all store-bought packages. If there are any signs of larvae or infestation remove the item(s) immediately. Signs could include holes and tears in packaging. It may be hard to actually spot the pests.

Since stored-product pests are so difficult to control, it’s important to contact a local pest control professional to deal with an infestation. Both of these insects can contaminate many food items in your pantry. Not many products are safe with these bugs around, and they are likely to go unnoticed until their population has gotten out of control. If this is the case, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Our professionals have the right tools and knowledge to eliminate these pests from your home. Contact us today to find out which package is right for you.