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Should I Still Be Worried About Termites In My New England Home?

termites colony in new england

With cooler weather upon us, it may be expected that some pest activity will begin to slow down. Many have the impression that termites will do the same. However, termites are as active as ever during the fall months. Their nests are built underground, where colonies will dwell and remain safe from the cool weather. Termites won’t die off or become inactive during colder months. A termite colony is capable of surviving decades and producing hundreds of thousands of members. This is how they get away with doing the amount of damage they do. Termites will use the winter months to expand their colony and, as long as your home is nice and warm, then it is vulnerable to termite damage.

Termites do serious damage every year in the US, billions of dollars worth of damage! They are capable of damaging a home to the point where it’s unstable and unlivable. The reason termite damage is so severe, aside from the size of their colonies, is because they have the ability to remain undetected for so long. It’s not likely that they’ll be noticed until severe damage has occurred. This is why it is important to watch closely for signs of termites.

These signs include:

  • Mud tubes and tunnels around your foundation. These are unique to termites, so if you notice them you should contact pest control right away. Sawdust-like material may also be left behind from this tunneling behavior.
  • Looking outdoors can actually provide insight into what’s happening indoors. If you find a rotting log in your yard, break it apart to check for termite activity. 
  • Tunnels in the wooden structures of your home is another sign that can give away termites.
  • Window frames that crumble apart, bowing ceilings, sagging floors, unstable walls, and other similar signs could all potentially be signs of termites.
  • Some members of termite colonies have wings and you may see them flying around or you may find discarded wings.
  • If a termite infestation is severe, you may hear their activity in your walls. You can also hear a hollow sound if you tap on wood that has been affected by termites.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s extremely important for you to contact a professional pest control company. With termites, it’s hard to determine just how severe the infestation is. Professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions will help protect your home year-round from these pests. We provide a complete and thorough inspection of your property and apply effective termite control. With our year-round protection, we guarantee no more termites damaging your home.

If you live in New England, contact Big Blue Bug today to find out more!