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How Flies Get Into South Portland Homes

fly in south portland home

If you’ve ever sat down to eat dinner only to have a fly repeatedly land on your plate, you understand how annoying house flies can be. They are not content to stay out of your way. Instead, they like to buzz around your head, land on your food, walk across your counters, and dash off the second you try to squish them.

While one fly is bad enough to have in your home, the problem quickly becomes worse when there are several. Even if you manage to successfully kill one, it seems like two more pop up in its place. Below we’ll discuss how house flies get into South Portland homes, and what can you do about them.

As you may expect, house flies can get into your home through any opening big enough to squeeze through. If you leave your windows open on warm days and some of your screens have holes, flies can get inside. If you leave the front door wide open while you bring groceries in, flies will come in. If there are cracks along your foundation walls, flies can sneak through. If there are gaps under or around your doors or windows, flies can walk in.

Even if only one or two flies get inside, that number can quickly multiply if they stay inside and breed. Believe it or not, fly eggs hatch less than 24 hours after being laid. From that point, it usually takes another five days for the larvae to become adult flies. With this information, it’s easy to see how a single fly in your South Portland home can soon become many flies in your house.

Why You Don’t Want Flies Getting into Your Home

You already know that they’re annoying, but did you know that house flies are also dangerous? They don’t bite, but they do spread an alarming number of diseases - over 30 have been recorded. Consider where flies spend much of their time: in garbage, on excrement, and in sink drains. While in these places, they pick up germs and pathogens that they then deposit on everything else they land on, including your food, countertops, and meal prep areas.

How to Prevent Flies From Getting into Your South Portland Home

  • To prevent flies from getting inside there are several things you can do:
  • Keep doors and windows closed unless you have screens with no holes or tears.
  • Repair damaged screens. They’re easier to replace than you’d expect.
  • Seal cracks in your foundation and any holes in your siding.
  • Fill gaps around windows and doors.
  • Keep outdoor garbage bins tightly covered.
  • Remove indoor garbage frequently.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Wipe down counters and clean dishes after each meal.
  • Keep your sink drains clean

How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home

If flies have already gotten into your South Portland home, and you’re having trouble getting a handle on them, Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. We offer pest control solutions that will safely and effectively eliminate your house fly problem, making your home a pleasant place to be again. Give us a call to learn more.