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When Do Mosquitoes Become A Problem In South Portland, Maine?

a very large swarm of mosquitoes Swarming a yard in south Portland Maine

Mosquito season is on its way. Being Mainers, we know how quickly they can ruin our outdoor time, and this is the time of year when many of us begin spending more time outside. We can look forward to doing more hiking in the Maine outdoors, or simply enjoy losing the winter jacket and not needing to brush ice or snow off of the car each morning. The typical season for mosquitoes is June to October, but at Big Blue Bug we know that these pests don’t always follow a strict schedule. Now that spring has sprung, we should be prepared for their arrival, whenever that may be.

Early Prevention Tips

Even before mosquito season arrives, there are steps you should take to ensure that your summer is as mosquito-free as possible. As a result of all the melting snow from winter, we get excess moisture and water on our lawns. Lots of damp soil and standing water accumulate, and then we get to add spring showers to the mix. Spring in Maine is also known as mud season. If pools of water stick around for mosquito season, this creates a problem. One of the best early prevention tips we can offer is to eliminate standing water from your yard. Mosquitoes need water to breed. It actually doesn’t even need to be pools of water - mulch in the garden may be too damp or the lawn that never seems to drain could remain spongy.

Here are some DIY tips:

  • Eliminate debris in the yard that could hold water (i.e. kids' toys, plant pots, tarps, wheelbarrows, gutters)
  • Replace the water in birdbaths frequently.
  • If you have trouble eliminating standing water, consider putting in a french drain. You can find DIY tutorials online.
  • There are some plants that attract mosquitoes, while others are said to repel them. Perhaps a switch-up in your landscaping may be helpful.
  • Install screens in windows to ensure mosquitoes can’t get inside.

Mosquitoes are everywhere. They’re attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans. This means they’ll be around during backyard cookouts, camping trips, baseball games, and more. Read our Mosquito Prevention Tips for Maine Residents to get helpful tips for preventing mosquitoes around your home and to keep them away from your home.

Why Seek Professional Pest Control

While we can’t eliminate mosquitoes completely, it’s our goal to help you reduce their populations as much as possible. Maine may be colder than other states, but our summers still offer the heat and humidity these pests can thrive on. If you want to enjoy your time outside this year, consider our professional mosquito control. Our services have been shown to reduce mosquito populations by 90% all season! If you live in Southern Maine, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to get started!