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Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Worcester Kitchens This Spring

a large colony of flies infesting a home in worcester

Summer arrives and with it comes flies. There is nothing worse than sitting down to dinner only to have flies descend on your family meal. Fortunately, you can take precautions and avoid the mistakes that attract flies to your Worcester kitchen. Flies aren’t just a nuisance, they are a health risk and you want to do all you can to keep your home free from these pests. Fly swatters, traps, and other DIY methods might seem like a good solution for ridding your home of flies, but professional pest control is the safer and more effective option.

Why Flies Become a Problem for Worcester Homes

Flies are just like any other pest, they want a good meal and a place to hang out. Your Worcester kitchen is probably the ideal location. Flies are tough to keep out unless you never open your doors. They can easily fly in through open doors or windows, squeeze in through cracks, or come in through drains. Flies are filthy critters, landing on feces, decaying waste, animals, and other contaminants and picking up bacteria and diseases on their bodies. Then they fly off and land on your counters, fruit bowl, or lunch and transfer that bacteria. You and your family can get sick from these organisms.

Prevention Steps and Mistakes to Avoid  

Keeping your home clean and free from trash is a good way to keep the risk of flies down. If they don’t have a food source, they will move on. This includes wiping up spills quickly, storing fruits and other food in the fridge rather than on the counter, and taking out the trash regularly. It’s also a good idea to patch up any holes in screens and instruct your family to be sure to close doors quickly. Additionally, drains are one of the most overlooked areas of concern for attracting flies. The food debris and bacteria that grow in drains, as well as the moisture, creates the perfect home and breeding ground for flies. Clean your drains frequently to avoid build up.                                  

Why Call for Professional Fly Service

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we are experts at eliminating flies and other pests. We will do a free thorough inspection of your home and suggest ways to help exclude flies. We’ll help you choose from our different pest control plans to help keep your home free from flies. We use the least invasive and environmentally friendly options to treat and protect your Worcester home so that you can enjoy your kitchen this summer.