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Why Are There More Bed Bugs In Summer?

Bed Bug

There’s no season like summer. Plenty of fun activities, and lots of vacations, and perhaps your family is free for a few weeks to spend time together. Many Worcester residents expect the influx of tourists in the New England area during summer, and with those tourists comes those hitchhiking pests—bed bugs. Some people wonder why there seems to be a rise in bed bug activity during the summer if bed bugs are a year-round pest, but the answer is simpler than you might think. While bed bugs are indeed a year-round pest, they get carried around a lot more during summer when people are traveling back and forth between different homes and states—giving bed bugs the perfect opportunity to grab onto your luggage, clothing, or belongings and infest a new location.

How Can I Protect My Worcester Home From Being Infested?

Worcester residents need to take a few precautionary steps to ensure that homes stay protected against bed bugs. Some of the most common and easiest steps you can take include:

  • Check all luggage and bags for signs of bed bugs or their tiny white eggs before bringing anything into your home.
  • Inspecting your hotel rooms and getting a new room if you spot bed bugs.
  • Throwing all potentially contaminated clothing and belongings into the washer and dryer on the highest heat setting. (This will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may be on these items.)
  • Store all laundry items in plastic bags when you are at friends' or families' houses, or when you know you will be staying in a hotel or motel room while you’re traveling.

Why Professional Bed Bug Treatment is So Important

Doing everything you can to protect your Worcester home against the threat of bed bugs is a great step to take when traveling and having friends over, however, it is no replacement for the professional bed bug treatments you can get from a pest control provider like Big Blue Bug Solutions. If you find bed bugs or signs of bed bugs living in your home, know that we provide effective treatments for pests of all kinds—bed bugs included. If you’d like to make sure your home has year-round protection from bed bugs and other common summer pests, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today!