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Factors That Push Spiders Into New England Homes In Late Summer

a large sac spider pounching on its prey with its black fangs open and ready to bite on a new england property

Sadly, spider season never really ends, and late summer means an increase in the number of spiders finding their way into New England homes. The increase in other insect activity in the late summer and early fall can attract spiders and contribute to their increase in numbers. There are other factors that can attract spiders as well as mistakes that homeowners make that also invite spiders in. If you are suddenly plagued with a spider problem in your New England home in late summer, it’s time to call Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Spider Season Doesn’t End

Compared to some other insect pests, spiders, in general, have a long life expectancy. While some may live only a year or two, there are other species that can live for 25 years or more!  Spiders that seek shelter in a protected environment that provides moisture and a food source can live and breed, perpetuating your spider problem.

The Circle of Life

Spiders are pests that cannot live long without other pests. Flies, beetles, millipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes and other insects are all tasty treats for spiders. As late summer and early fall approach and these other pests look to seek shelter in your home, spiders will follow.

Other Factors That Attract Spiders

Spiders like areas that supply moisture and are undisturbed or hidden. If you have a lot of cracks and crevices in your home, clutter, storage boxes, damp attic or basement spaces, you may be inadvertently making your home attractive to spiders.

Keeping Spiders Out

New England homeowners should take steps to spider-proof their homes. This means stopping other pests from getting in, too. Examine all around your foundation with a flashlight and seal up any small holes. Place vent caps on chimneys and exhaust outlets. Repair torn or missing screens. Caulk around windows. Install door sweeps, including on garage doors. You are basically trying to make a fortress to keep spiders out. 

If keeping your home safe sounds daunting, give Big Blue Bug Solutions a call. Our Home Owners Policy will protect you from spiders and other pests year-round. You can forget the headache of trying to battle spiders yourself and leave it to the professionals.  We have over 80 years of experience helping New England homeowners keep their homes pest-free!