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What It Means If You See Indian Meal Moths In Your Providence Kitchen

Indian meal moth

We are reminded throughout the holiday season that it is better to give than to receive, but these pantry pests want to take, take, take! 

 If adult Indian meal moths have been spotted in your kitchen, it’s probably already too late to control an infestation or severe outbreak. These moths aren’t difficult to identify. They have a pair of cream-colored wings on a 1/8 - 1/4 inch body. Indian meal moths are well-known for their destructive larva which are 1/2 inch long or larger. Brown heads and a translucent, white body may be your only sign of the beginning stages of infestation because it’s not the adult moths you need to worry about. 

 Adult meal moths lay their eggs in grains, pasta, cereals, and other grain-based dry goods. Mature moths will not eat these grains, opting instead for more natural materials. Only the Indian meal moth’s larvae will be found feasting in your pantry, chewing through cardboard, paper, and even thin plastics.

Preventative Measures for Pantry Pests

Preventing Indian meal moths from spreading throughout the home begins with some simple proactive steps.

  • Immediately throw away potentially contaminated food sources. Remember, meal moth larvae will eat just about any grain, including dog food.
  • Store future food sources in air-tight, thick plastic containers. The more durable, the better.
  • Use wire shelving in your pantry areas, if possible.

Meal moths cause more damage than most homeowners give them credit. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake; follow the important steps above.

Big Blue Bug Counteracts the Meal Moths

Indian meal moths can create an enormous amount of mayhem in your home, kitchen, and pantry. While not biting, stinging, or infecting humans, these insects can and will contaminate the food sources your family relies on every day. Preventative measures are vital to keeping a healthy home, but if you think or know that meal moths are active on your property, the time to act is now. To make sure you have properly exterminated every last little larva, employ the assistance of Big Blue Bug Solutions today. 

 For more information on the type of pests you may be facing and the steps that will bring results, reach out to our office to schedule your free inspection. Using the knowledge of our on-staff entomologist, Big Blue Bug is proud to offer unique custom solutions to Providence residents. Don’t wait until your bug problem grows out of proportion. Put your mind at rest and call our professional team now.