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How Spiders Could Be Getting Inside Your Worcester Home

spider on white wall

Cooler weather means warmer clothing, warmer homes, and warmer comfort foods. A nice flame dancing in your fireplace, some of your favorite fuzzy socks, and a warm mug of steaming apple cider in your hands can create a perfect fairy tale opening. Add a good book or one of your favorite movies, and you have a morning that could not possibly go wrong. Or could it?

As with any perfect storybook opening, there is always some sort of problem that arises and requires a solution. Unfortunately for us, the problem many of us face during the coldest months of the year happens to be the influx of spiders that seem to intrude during the winter. Some people are more disturbed by spiders than others. No matter your perceptions of the spiders invading this season, it’s a fact that no one who wants spiders creeping into their bedrooms, onto their blankets, and into their hair. However, many people are not aware of why spiders invade their Worcester homes.

Why Spiders Get Into Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, spiders do not seek out your home in the winter to avoid the cold. Because spiders have a form of antifreeze in many of the compounds of their tissue, spiders do not die or freeze when winter arrives. They don’t typically seek out our homes for the warmth they provide. Instead, the spiders you are seeing now that it’s winter were either already in your home, or were drawn to your home as they searched for a food source.

Many insects that spiders feed on do require the warmth that our homes provide, and will enter our homes to avoid the winter weather. Spiders then follow those insects in order to maintain a steady source of food close to their webs. If spiders were already in your home before winter came, the reason you are just now seeing them is that they come out more in the fall and early winter in order to find a mate.

Identifying How Spiders Are Getting In

If spiders are getting into your Worcester home this winter, knowing where they get in can be very handy in making sure they remain outside.

Spiders often get into homes through:

  • Cracks around your foundation.
  • Gaps around doors and window frames.
  • Loose roofing.
  • Any small gaps or openings made for wires and piping.
  • Torn window or door screens.
  • Doors without door sweeps.
  • Small crevices along your exterior walls.

The best way to protect yourself from spiders this year is by taking measures to ensure that spiders are unable to get inside in the first place. Sealing off or repairing any of the common entry points where spiders get into homes can drastically reduce the number of spiders that are able to invade.

Finding a Pest Control Expert

Getting a pest control expert to inspect, identify, and treat your home for spiders is the best way to keep you and your home safe this season. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers several spider treatment options, as well as our Home Owners Plan that covers a wide variety of pests. Keeping your Worcester home pest-free this year is a must. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to learn how we can help!