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How To Tell If Your New England Home Has Rodents

mouse droppings around the base board under a kitchen sink

How to Tell if Your New England Home Has Rodents

There is nothing worse than discovering you have a rodent infestation. There are many common warning signs that rodents leave when they’ve infiltrated your New England home, it is important that you understand and can recognize the signs. Rodents are predictable and have common areas of activity. If you know where to look for them, it can make identifying an invasion that much easier. 

How to Identify Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Let’s look at some of the signs that your New England home has rodents:

  • You may be lying in bed at night and hear a faint scratching in the walls. This can be a sign of mice, rats, chipmunks, or squirrels. It’s nearly impossible, just from the sounds, to determine what type of rodent has made its way into your home.
  • Do you see droppings in your kitchen drawers, pantry, or under your sinks? Sometimes, based on the size and shape of the droppings you can determine what type of rodent you have.
  • You may find shredded paper or torn packaging in odd places. As rodents try to build nests, they gather whatever materials they can find, including your paper towels or cardboard from boxes.
  • Are there holes in and around your house? Rodents have an innate desire to gnaw, and will chew through your siding, concrete, drywall, or even brick to get inside.
  • You may see insulation that is out of place. Rodents will build nests with your insulation. Mice have even been known to nest in the insulation in your appliances, including your stove.
  • You may experience electrical disturbances. Rodents will gnaw at anything, including your wiring. If you start noticing flickering lights or a particular outlet stops working, it’s possible rodents have chewed the wiring. 

Getting Professional Help

If you suspect rodents based on these signs, or because you’ve seen them scurrying through your home, it’s best to call a professional pest control company right away. Big Blue Bug Solutions are the experts in rodent removal and exclusion in the New England area that you can trust.

Our professional technicians are trained to safely bait and trap rodents to rid you of your problem. Trying it yourself can often time be not only fruitless but can be dangerous as well, because many rodents spread disease. Our experts will inspect your home to determine points of entry and help you determine ways to exclude rodents in the future. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately if you suspect a rodent infestation.