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What's Attracting Wasps And Yellow Jackets To My South Portland Home?

a yellow jacket resting

If you live in South Portland, you are probably well aware of the issues, dangers, and frustrations that our summer pests bring. Wasps and yellow jackets, in particular, become a major irritation when it comes to maintaining a secure home for you and your family. Each year, when the weather finally decides to give way to the warmth of summer, we see a dramatic rise in the population of warm-weather insects. Now that we have reached summer, wasps, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects have had plenty of time to mature and reproduce. Our homes and properties become incredibly attractive to wasps and yellow jackets as locations to create nests. Unfortunately, this means that many South Portland residents are already seeing these harmful insects on their properties and even inside of their homes. But why?

What Attracts Wasps to South Portland Properties?

One of the factors that encourages stinging insect activity on your property is the availability of food and water. If your home provides one or both of these things, it’s almost like having a neon sign, blinking “This is a great place to build your nest!” Certain yards provide more food sources than others, which is why you might have a wasp problem while someone just across the street may not. A few of the common food sources that put your property at risk for a yellow jacket invasion include:

  • Open garbage cans. Discarded food, drink residue, dirty paper towels, and other items commonly found in your trash can all make great meals for wasps and yellow jackets.
  • Pet food. The food you keep outside for your pets might also be feeding the stinging insects on your property.
  • Soda cans left out after a party or outdoor gathering. Even if these cans are empty, the sticky residue of soda or juice is enough to encourage wasp activity around your home.
  • Fruit trees or bushes. Overly ripened, damaged, or fruit that has fallen on the ground is a great snack for stinging insects. While you definitely don’t need to get rid of your delightful fruit trees, it can help to get rid of damaged fruits and pick up any that have fallen to the ground.

No matter what food source is attracting wasps and yellow jackets to your South Portland property, the best and most effective way to avoid issues with these frustrating insects is to contact a pest control professional to provide you with a comprehensive solution. Turn to the professionals here at Big Blue Bug Solutions for the most effective pest control treatment and service options. Avoid the painful stings of wasps this summer when you have our team of skilled pest technicians by your side. Give us a call today to keep your home pest-free for years to come!