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Why You Should Call Big Blue Bug For Mosquito Problems In Portland


Here in Maine, we experience some pretty severe pest frustrations. One such pest that returns year after year to spread disease, disrupt outdoor gatherings, and ruin fun activities is—you guessed it—the mosquito. Now that we have reached the warmest point of the year, mosquitoes are rapidly reproducing and infesting our properties and are now at the peak of their activity for the summer. And our humid climate gives them exactly what they need to thrive.

Why DIY Just Doesn’t Cut It

For any homeowner, the natural response to an increase in mosquito activity usually results in an attempt to keep your property as mosquito-proof as possible by any means necessary. This often results in individuals turning to the internet for guidance on their mosquito issue. Unfortunately, a lot of the first things that pop up are DIY methods which can be costly, ineffective, or both, when dealing with mosquitoes. While you might see sites that tell you their DIY methods are effective 100% of the time, this simply isn’t true. Without a professional mosquito treatment plan for your South Portland property, you will be wasting time, effort, and money on DIY treatment methods or products that will not completely take care of your problem.

How Our Mosquito Treatments Work

Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we understand that the first line of defense against the annoying and harmful presence of mosquitoes is high-quality products and effective mosquito treatment programs. Our highly trained pest technicians will inspect your lawn for the areas with the highest levels of mosquito activity, identify what is drawing mosquitoes to your property, and then focus treatments in areas where mosquito activity is present. With a little help from Big Blue, you can take back your lawn and enjoy your outdoor amenities throughout the entire summer. Contact us today to learn more about how our pest control solutions can benefit your quality of life!