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Why Spring Storms Bring Mosquitoes In Worcester


Moisture is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. High moisture impacts every aspect of a mosquito's life. It gives their exoskeleton the moisture it needs so they don't die. It creates more humidity in the air so they can stay active, even in the middle of the day when they would normally be hiding from the sun. An abundance of rainwater creates stagnant pools for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in and reproduce. So spring storms mean more mosquitoes, more mosquito activity, and ultimately, more bites.

Okay. So what can you do about all those spring mosquitoes? What are the best tips to avoid mosquitoes? We happen to have it on good authority that mosquito reduction is the best way to avoid mosquitoes. What authority is that? The authority of national agencies that use mosquito abatement to prevent the spread of deadly viruses.

How does mosquito control work? It is quite simple. Mosquitoes are terrible fliers. You might think they fly around all day searching for someone to bite, but that isn't the case at all. They spend a lot of their time resting. That's how we get them.

Mosquitoes aren't all that creative about where they hide. Vegetation is at the top of their list. There are a few reasons for this. The big one is that we water our plants and our landscaping stays nice and moist for those moisture-loving bloodsuckers. But another big reason is that they feed on the sap of plant stems. The same mouthparts they use to draw blood out of you are used to draw the sap out of a plant. Why do mosquitoes do this? Because they need sugar more than they need blood. So applying a light application of pest control product to these areas can turn your landscaping into a gigantic mosquito trap.

You must use the right products in the right amounts. So it is best to have a licensed pest control professional take care of this essential service. At Big Blue, we use a product that only eliminates simple organisms like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. It won't harm any mammal, especially the mammals you love most—your kids and your pets.

If you'd like to learn more about Mosquito & Tick Control, reach out to us. We serve the Worcester area with industry-leading residential and commercial pest control, which includes seasonal mosquito abatement service. We can help you get control of those mosquitoes. Get your protection in place today.