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Best Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes

mosquito on a soda bottle

Mosquitoes during the spring and summer seasons are inevitable. You might even say that you can’t have one without the other. It may seem like there is no way you can control or prevent them, but there may be hope, especially for your own home and backyard. In fact, it’s important for your health to fight back against mosquitoes.

For the most part, mosquitoes seem like just small, annoying insects that make you itch all over. Worst case, you scratch the bites so much that it causes an infection of the area. This is all true, however, mosquitoes also have the potential to be carrying something that is dangerous, just not in an obvious way. They have been known to carry and transmit serious diseases including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria, tularemia, Eastern equine encephalitis (Triple E) and canine heartworm. Now, these may not be as common to the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut area as they are in other parts of the world, but it’s still important to understand the risks and do everything we can to avoid being bitten. 

As homeowners, there are certain things that you can do to prevent mosquitoes in your yard. Mosquitoes are drawn to any standing water because this is where they breed. It’s important to eliminate any areas of standing water on your property, for example, clean out your gutters, fill in low lying areas, shake out tarps, and turn over items that could collect water such as wheelbarrows and kiddy pools. Mosquitoes love cool places to hide during the day, so keep your lawn and bushes trimmed short. You might also want to reduce the number of flowering plants or at least move them away from the exterior of your home. To avoid mosquitoes getting inside you should repair any holes in screens that are on your doors or windows and don’t leave doors or windows open if they don’t have screens. To help avoid mosquito bites while out in nature, simply wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible and use mosquito repellent. 

All of these prevention tips will most likely help, but homeowners may want to consider receiving help from professional pest control services. Big Blue Bug Solutions offers mosquito control solutions to residents of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We provide a variety of methods that will help us identify areas on your property that develop and harbor mosquitoes; reduce breeding sites; and that help with larvae as well as adult mosquito control. By combining all of these methods, we can help reduce your mosquito populations by 90% all season long. For year-round or one-time services, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today.