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The Most Effective Mosquito Control Solution For Your Rhode Island Property

mosquito full of blood

Although most people think of mosquitoes as simple pests that are an annoyance, having them around also could expose you, your family, and your pets to disease. That’s why mosquito control in Rhode Island is so important. Keeping these insects away from your property allows you to enjoy your time outdoors worry-free.

Fortunately, there are multiple steps you can take to keep these insects away from you and your family. The first step should be reaching out to Big Blue Bug Solutions, as our team of experts can provide effective techniques for controlling these insects. You then can take additional steps to keep them away.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In Our Environment

Because of the annoyances these insects cause, most people focus on how to keep mosquitoes in Rhode Island away. However, it is important to remember that there are some benefits of mosquitoes in nature: 

  • Mosquitoes can pollinate plants.
  • Male mosquitoes do not bite and feed on blood, feeding on plant nectar instead.
  • Adult mosquitoes serve as food for bats and birds.
  • Mosquito larvae serve as food for fish, dragonflies, and turtles.

Although they do serve a purpose, most Rhode Island homeowners agree that it would be better if these pesky insects served their purpose somewhere other than your backyard.

Warning Signs To Watch For When Bitten By A Mosquito

Most people can suffer a mosquito bite with no consequences. However, it just takes one infected mosquito to leave you with a dangerous disease. Rather than taking this chance, it’s a better idea to seek help with Big Blue Bug Solutions’ mosquito control services.

After a mosquito bite, most people suffer a simple welt that’s itchy for a few hours. This reaction occurs because most people are allergic to the bite. However, if the mosquito that bites you is carrying a disease like West Nile virus, you could develop a fever, body aches, and joint pain. Some people have diarrhea and vomiting. In the most extreme cases, the victim could suffer encephalitis or meningitis, requiring hospitalization and aggressive medical care.

Six Naturally Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

After the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions controls your mosquito problem, you can take some steps on your own. Here are some tips for how to repel mosquitoes and how to keep them away:

  1. Remove standing water from the area where mosquitoes like to lay eggs.
  2. Keep your gutters free of debris, as blockages in the gutters can hold water, giving mosquitoes an egg-laying area.
  3. Trim grass, tree branches, and bushes near areas where your family likes to sit outdoors to remove mosquitoes’ hiding places.
  4. Light candles that contain oils known to repel mosquitoes.
  5. Grow plants that are known to repel mosquitoes in areas where you like to sit.
  6. Repair holes in window screens and in door screens on a covered porch to keep mosquitoes from entering.

If you have unique features on your property that could attract these insects, our team can help with specific advice.

Professional Mosquito Control Is A Great Way To Go

Mosquito treatment is not a job that you will want to try to tackle on your own. Not only could attempting to use treatments on your own cause unsafe conditions on your property for your pets and family, but you also may struggle to do the job correctly the first time.

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our team has the experience you need to control these insects. Our services can reduce the population of biting mosquitoes by 90%. We can perform a one-time treatment and then return regularly to keep these insects at bay.

To schedule mosquito control service at your Rhode Island home, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today.