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Why Mosquitoes Will Soon Return To New England Yards And Pools


Mosquitoes will soon return to New England yards and pools as the snow melts and warmer weather prevails. As the ground thaws and the sun shines and starts to warm up the air, eggs that mosquitoes laid in the fall will start to hatch. There are steps you can take to protect your yard from mosquitoes year-round. You’ll want to know what attracts mosquitoes and how to prevent them in your New England yard.

Seasonality for Mosquitoes

As most of us know mosquitoes are most active in the warm summer months. They prefer temperatures around 80 degrees, so the blazing heat of summer is perfect for them. They need water to survive so any standing water in your yard, like your pool, is a haven for them. In the fall, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in areas of standing water and then seek shelter for themselves staying dormant over the winter. Male mosquitoes only have about a 10-day lifespan, so they die off in winter. Once spring comes, the larvae emerge from the eggs and the females reawaken and begin bothering you again.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes like standing water so they can breed. They also like tall grass and brush where they can easily land. This makes wetlands, marshy areas, gardens, landscaping, ponds, and even pools attractive to mosquitoes. If you have areas like this near or on your property, you may be attracting mosquitoes.

Why Homeowners Might Be at Risk

Mosquitoes feed on humans and are attracted by the smell. You probably have one friend who always seems to be bothered by mosquitoes more than others. This person isn’t crazy or oversensitive, they are likely giving off a scent that is attractive to mosquitoes. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can transmit disease so the more you get bitten, the greater your chances of getting a mosquito-borne illness.

Preventing Mosquitoes

Eliminating as much standing water as you can from your property can reduce mosquitoes. Also, keeping brush trimmed, grass cut short, and landscaping well cared for can reduce mosquito populations. Keeping gutters clear and draining properly and replacing leaky hoses or sprinklers can also help.

The best protection is with a professional mosquito-reduction plan from Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our proven system can reduce mosquito populations on your property by up to 90%. We target areas where mosquitoes like to breed and rest. A seasonal plan where we come out during prime times to spray is ideal, however, we also offer one-time treatments for special events. Call us at Big Blue Bug Solutions to prevent mosquitoes from returning to your New England home this spring.